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Video and Computer Games 1970 to 2004 Pong the original video game
I believe that no gamer can be complete unless he has played Pong or at least knows about the Pong game. The game was and still is an electronic version of table tenis or ping-pong.Some of the first game consoles in the 1970's played only Pong and for only two players.They where very popular and many home consoles where sold (I know I bought one).Today there are 3D versions of the game. Can you imagine trying to sell an xBox that would only play one game with no pictures and a very square ball.For pictures and a very detailed description of pong and other early games visit :

Adventure ( Dungeons and Dragons )
A text only Quest game to find gold and treasure , fighting off evil dwarf's and casting spells along the way. In the 70's I was a computer technician for large main frame computers before the first home PC's. At a corporation site , on one very large system I maintained , some programmer either wrote or installed a game called adventure.(I don't remember exactly where the game came from )but it was on the system.And I remember one day the CEO of the company very loudly ordering the game removed because a system check found more then half of the company employees playing the game and not at break time but most of the day.You can see how basic it was in the picture on the left.It was just a text game ,you could type E,W,N or S ( E for east -- W for west)to simulate movement in the game.And it understood certain words , Light Torch or climb ladder,as shown in the picture.You basically learned along the way by trying different words for commands and going in different directions through a cave mapping your way on paper (or trying to remember)as not to get lost. You could pick-up objects along the way and even fight off enemies.I never won the game I tried for about to weeks before it was removed (of coarse only on my lunch breaks)!
Later video games included graphics,very basic but they were pictures!And games began to have a more realistic look.Pac-man and other games used a joystick or the arrow keys on a keyboard for movement.And where played at home as well as being played in public arcade game rooms.I remember quite a few quarters going into a Pac-man machine.The games had sounds and music to add to the fun.As well as top score features for competition.Pac-man also now has a 3D version.

Mario Bros
Nintendo arcade game block buster that has its own movie based on the game.Mario Bros let the player jump ,transform and warp to new levels.You collected treasure fought enemies and competed with other players.Game Players have to navigate obstacles and explore. The game has and element of time to allow players to beat the clock.About all this first version was missing was 3D.Mario Bros was and still is one of the most played video games ever.

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