Super Nintendo SNES Game Genie Cheat codes

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Amazing Tennis ™
EA8B-AFDD + D085-A7DD Faster side-to-side movement in game
EC8B-AFDD + D185-A7DD Even faster side-to-side movement
Arcana Game ™
1D69-AFD0 + 3C69-AF00 Start game with 60,000 gold pieces
EC69-AFD0 + DD69-AF00 Start game with 250 gold pieces
C225-0F02 Infinite money for weapons
C22A-0402 Infinite money for items
C229-640E Infinite money for rooms
C22F-A7DE Infinite money for elixir
Axelay Game ™ For first 3 SNES cheats do not go to set-up screen
D766-D7A7 Start game with 1 credit
D866-D7A7 Start game with 9 credits
C2C5-DDDF Infinite game credits
1721-AD04 Start with 99 lives
CBB7-AFA7 + D9B7-A4D7 + DDB7-A407 Start game play on stage 6
Desert Strike ™ Game
17B1-0F6C Start Nintendo game with 99 lives
DD63-A409 Infinite fuel
F0BC-64A9 + F064-64D1 Armor starts at 5,208
EC33-67DF Start game with 250 missiles
DinoCity ™ SNES Game
DBC2-A494 9 credits game player 1
DBCF-DFF7 9 credits game player 2
C26E-6D2D Infinite game plays
6DA6-6D2D No Damage from most enemies
D427-6D2D Collect only 2 eggs for extra game play
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest ™ Super Nintendo
83AF-D40D Infinite cure potions
C9B8-D4A6 Infinite weapons ninja stars
Final Fantasy II ™ SNES game
8267-0D62 Infinite magic power
C2AD-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9 Free game stuff in shops

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