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Simpsons:Barts Nightmare ™ Super Nintendo Game Genie Codes
89CB-D9B5 Infinite bubbles and seeds
C2C3-6925 + C2C3-61B5 Infinite Zs
Super Battletank ™ SNES game
4ABD-DDA4 Infinite weapon ammo
DD23-D7A4 No smoke screens
Super Mario World ™ Super Nintendo
14B4-6F07 Start game with 99 lives
DC64-A7D7 + D967-AFA7 Extra life with 5 coins
D42C-AF6F Super jump
CBED-6DDF Stay Super Mario when you die
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ™ IV Turtles in time ™ Snes Game
892F-0DD7 Protection from attacks
DDAC-6F67 Infinite lives
Top Gear ™ Super Nintendo
C225-6429 Infinite fuel player 1
C223-6D95 Infinite fuel game player 2
6DB7-AFEA Race in any country
Wheel of Fortune ™ Super Nintendo
C264-DF0F Infinite time too choose letters
C2BE-DFDF No bankrupt
Wings 2 - Aces High ™ SNES game
C2C6-DDD8 Infinite game power-ups
828A-040B Infinite lives
Xardion ™ Super Nintendo game
4A31-6DFD No harm from bullets
DDE2-07CD Start game on level 12

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