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Gradius III ™ Super Nintendo Game
3C8E-DDD7 + 3C8E-DD07 Infinite lives
CBAF-D7AD + DFA4-DDDD Enemies shoot more in game
Home Alone ™ SNES game
DD21-DFD4 Start game with infinite lives
ADB1-07D5 Super power jumps
D769-DFAD + AB69-D40D + D769-D46D Start on level 4
Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York ™ Super Nintendo
C264-D464 Start game with infinite lives
3CB7-6DA4 Infinite ammo
James Bond Jr. ™ Snes Game
DBA0-670D Start game with 9 lives on the ground
C22A-6FBC Infinite grenades
Joe & Mac ™ Super Nintendo
DD36-D40D Infinite game lives
DDE0-0F6F Food restores full energy
Legend of Zelda ™ A Link to the Past ™ Super Nintendo
AEEC-A586 Free stuff in game shops
AE67-0D30 Infinite bombs
CB22-DD85 + 4D22-DDE5 Game hearts restore full energy
Paperboy 2 ™ SNES game
17BF-A767 Boy starts game with 99 lives
17B5-ADD7 Girl starts game with 99 lives
Rampart ™ Super Nintendo game
3C6B-D467 Infinite cannons
CBAA-67DD + DDAA-676D + D1AA-670D Start game on battlefield 7

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